Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Finding the perfect front door paint

It's that time of year again. You want to cosy up the house, make sure the gardens ready for the winter.

It'll be time to put the wreath on the door soon, no better time to consider painting your front door before it gets too cold. 

There are so many colours to choose from and it can be quite a daunting prospect. 

Here are a few of my favourite picks... 

This has been created using "pidgeon" by Farrow and Ball. 

Such a lovely warm colour and contrasts perfectly with the stone walls.

The green of the plants compliments it very well too. 


This has been created using one of my all time favourite paint colours. "Brinjal" by Farrow and Ball.

It contrasts so well with the white and green...perfect!


"Manor house grey" Farrow and Ball, a colour you can never go wrong with. 

It seems to suit most houses and colour schemes and it's a proper grey that doesn't look too cold. 

If you fancy a door that will "pop"...


This bright red looks amazing in this setting and would suit most house. Very regal! 

"Rectory Red" by Farrow and Ball

Last but not least and one of my favourites...


This is "down pipe" by Farrow and Ball.
This doorway was created by Abigail Ahern.

The colour is so effective and strong. It's got the perfect density and adds a real style statement! 

Any colour would look great with this, some bright colour accessories would look fantastic with this and the green of some plants would compliment it perfectly. 


                                                                  "Down pipe" 

Which colour would you choose for your door? 


Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Creating the perfect chalkboard wall

Creating a chalkboard wall for your home is easier than you think. There are a lot of different paints to choose from.

You'll need to buy a "chalk" paint of good quality. I always use the Annie Sloan chalk paints. To create the blackboard effect then the Annie Sloan black chalk paint would be perfect.

Chalk paint has been used here in a very clean way. Great for a study or children's play area but can be adapted and used anywhere. I've seen fridges painted in chalk paint and as its so robust, it can be used anywhere.

You don't necessarily have to stick with black for your chalkboard wall either, any bright colour would look good or something that would fit into your colour scheme.

Here is a great example of a navy chalkboard wall from Paper Daisy Designs, The colour looks really effective and I love the use of the white frames on the navy background.

This is a great way of using the paint to create a really contemporary look. Love the black background with the pictures on. It really makes the pictures stand out.

You can get really creative with your chalk once you're done. Or rope an artistic friend in to help you. Look at these stunning bedrooms. A chalkboard wall would look great in any room.


Friday, 1 November 2013

How to create today's bedroom look

So I stumbled across this...


I love how this bedroom looks visually as a whole, even if I'm not really a fan off the bed setup. I still think it really works.

If you're lucky enough to have open brick walls, then this could easily work for you. If not then the tips on this feature can easily be adapted.

When I was searching for a gorgeous drop chandelier, I came across this...

This chandelier was from and I think it's so unique and versatile, it would work perfectly in any bedroom, it gives that gorgeous fairy tale look without being too "cutesy" 

To get he effect of bathe piece of furniture in the room, you could easily do it yourself using Annie Sloan chalk paint. This piece of furniture looks as though it's been painted and distressed using blue and cream paint and chalk paint is absolutely ideal for this. Even if to you are new to painting, especially painting furniture. Annie Sloans paint is ideal..

With a great variety of colours to choose from. To get the effect of the piece of furniture in the picture. I would us "Provence" and "cream" 

Here are a couple of items that have been painted and restored using Annie Sloan paint.


I have used this paint several times, I find it so easy and quick to use. I also do commission pieces from time to time. 

If you would like any more tips on anything I've featured today, please email me at


Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Interior of the day

Love, love, love the mirror! Very traditional but manages to pull off modern and eclectic effortlessly. 

Individually you wouldn't necessarily put the pieces together and I wouldn't pick them out on there own but visually this looks amazing.

Love the reflection in the mirror too.

The dark accent floor around the fireplace is the feature that pulls the room together, it cleverly draws your eye to where it needs to be. 


Latest E-Design

I couldn't wait to share my latest e-design..
I love the green mirror and I've tried to make it the focal point of the room with all the other colours being quite muted.

The light fitting is amazing, such a glamorous feature and reflects the light amazingly.

To stop the room looking too pale and calm, I've added the black chair to the room, I think it adds a bit more depth and stops the room looking too "samey" 

If you would like to know where any of the items are from or would like me to find you some similar items please contact me

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Black is the new black

How to get black right? It can often be too strong, too imposing and garish. When done right, it looks luxurious, bold and decadent.

If you want to add a statement to your room, you CANNOT go wrong with black. It’s bold but looks incredible every time.
I have even used black in small spaces, especially bathrooms and its looks opulent and luxurious. It also works particularly well in dining rooms and looks incredible when used in the garden, plants really “pop” next to black.
I’d love to know what you think…
Would you ever consider using black?


How to make your white bedroom look perfect

A bedroom can look absolutely stunning when it is all decorated in white. It is however, tricky to pull off.
White is great for providing you with a tranquil environment and is very calming and relaxing, great for a bedroom.
This look can quickly look drab if not done correctly, it needs to be accessorised properly.
Don’t be afraid to use some light grey in your white room, the odd piece of mirrored furniture can add some glamour too. Off white is also very flattering and is shown here on the chest of drawers.
As always candles and chandeliers are a MUST!


How to create your own chalkboard

It’s so easy to create your own chalkboard.
Find a frame to suit your room, these can be sourced second hand or bought new if you wish. The one in the picture has been sprayed bright red, which looks great and it has a lovely glossy finish.
You needn’t go out and buy a chalkboard (which can be expensive and difficult to source)
Annie Sloan have an amazing chalk paint in several colours but the plain black has been used here.
The chalk paint can painted onto board to create the perfect chalk board finish.
Chalk paint can also be applied anywhere. Create a mural wall in a children’s bedroom or paint the back of a door or pantry.
Really versatile and easy to apply.


Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Latest Design Board

Heres one of the latest designs for one of our clients that used our e-design service...

I love this geometric design and love how the contrasting colours pop. A functional, beautiful living room that's easily achieved and can still be created on a tight budget.

If you would like me to source anything for you, please email me at

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