Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Glam Living Room Scheme

I've recently created this e-design showcasing one of my favourite sofas from the latest collection. I adore this sofa. The perfect mix of modern and classic, the colour is stunning and there is a gorgeous stud detail along the bottom of it. It would fit really well into most modern interiors.

The Flynn sofa is only £699.99 and you get a choice of colours and at the moment they are delivering within 5 working days. Click to purchase

Again, its all about the chandelier and mirror in this! If your going to splurge anywhere in home decor, its the mirrors and light fittings that matter, they create the most wow factor.

The gold accents in the design offset the look perfectly and of course, never forget the candles and flowers!

To get your personalised mood board look at my Design Notes


Monday, 6 July 2015

How To Decorate With Quotes

I still love using quotes around the home. So long as it's not overdone, it can still be a really easy way to update a room. They look particularly effective when used on a gallery wall. 

All of the quote pictures featured can be purchased from Etsy and some are downloadable so can be printed on your computer, making it super quick and easy to update your room. 

More issues than vogue: Etsy 

Make a statement with this picture, perfect for the fashionista 

Throw kindness around like confetti: Etsy 

I love this and love the sentiment. Perfect.

Image: Etsy 

Everybody loves a Chanel quote. This ones perfect for a bedroom or dressing room arrangement. 

Image: Etsy 

So many gorgeous quote pictures for a little ones nursery. Too many to choose from, a lot are printable too so can be added to a frame of your choice. 

Etsy have a wide variety to choose from, for every style. They make a gorgeous present too. 


Wednesday, 24 June 2015

How To Paint Your Own Copper Vase

Image: Etsy

It doesn't look like the copper trend is going anywhere for a while. I can't get enough of copper accents in the home but it can get expensive.

So I went on the search for some diy ways of adding a few copper accessories.
I have a few unwanted home accessories around so decided I would try to paint them copper!

Finding the right copper colour wasn't easy though and I went through a few spray paints until I found the right one,

I ended up with the Rustoleum "Bright Copper" spray paint.

I chose spray paint for this as I wanted a smooth shiny finish.

Here's how to get your own copper vase...

1. Make sure the item you're spraying is clean and free from debris. Also, it's important to make sure the paint you're using is suitable for the surface you are spraying onto.

2. Use masking tape (I've used frog tape as it creates a perfect line) and wrap around the glass as evenly as possible. This is easier than you would think.

3. Wrap all the way to the top. The spray paint travels much further than you think. I didn't use enough cardboard underneath and ended up spraying half of my patio, oops!

4. Shake the hell out of the can! Really shake it, for longer than you'd think. At least a minute. Spray lightly and about 30-40cm away from the vase.

5. Spray in light side to side strokes and spray very light coats and wait in between each coat. I did about 3 coats and waited an hour between each.

6. Wait until the paint is fully dry, remove the masking tape, et voila!

Your own copper vase, this also works really well on jars and tealight holders and lots of other home accessories. You could go copper crazy. 


Saturday, 4 April 2015

Make a Gorgeous, Kids Bookshelf From a Dish Rack

How amazing is this?
Take a wooden, folding style dish rack and paint it in your chosen colour to create a gorgeous kids bookshelf.
So easy to create and would take no time.


Friday, 27 March 2015

Gorgeous Painted Mason Jars

How gorgeous are these painted mason jars?
They are so versatile, could be used to store flowers, make up brushes, pens... So cute. I want some for my bathroom!

They come in a variety of colours and would make perfect wedding centrepieces. 
These can be purchased from the KAStyles Mason Jars shop at Etsy

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