Tuesday, 25 November 2014

How to create a polka dot wall

I've recently been preparing the nursery ready for the little one and thought it would be a great opportunity to try something I've been wanting to try for a while.

I've been loving the polka dot wall trend and thought behind the cot would be the perfect place to try it.

I didn't fancy spending hours drawing out the circles and painting so I found these amazing stickers from Muse Signs at Etsy UK

They came on seperate pages and were 3 inches wide.
Really easy to remove and to place on the wall.

I got a bit sticker crazy and just started placing them all over the wall. I ended up having to reposition them and as the paint was relatively new, some of the paint came up. Ordinarily if the paints been on for a while I don't think the stickers should lift it up.

After a bit of repainting and positioning I was quite happy with them and wondering where else I could do a polka dot wall!

If I were to do it again I would definitely pencil where I wanted to place them to avoid having to move them.

Heres the end product...

There's some great inspiration across the web for positioning and colour ideas. There are some amazing coloured stickers that would suit lots of different areas in your home.

The stickers are a reasonable price and quick to put up, a great little project.
Click to purchase

Here's some of my favourites...

Perfect for behind the desk and I love the multicoloured stickers.

A great use of the gold again.

I love the placement of these stickers in the hallway, lovely!

Image credits: www.designerplayground.com


Friday, 3 October 2014

Glamorous Storage Ideas

If you're anything like me, you hate clutter and love to find new ways to stylishly store your nick nacks.
Here are a few things I've come across lately that I love. 

Why hide away your lovely makeup, these glamorous acrylic storage cases add some style to your bedroom or bathroom and look good almost anywhere. 

I found some in TK Maxx recently but there are plenty online to choose from.

This one is stunning. I love the old candle jars up cycled as brush holders.

There are a few handmade ones on Etsy at the moment that are usually under £20 

Would you love your own dressing room?

I love the way this has been created, and so easy. Shelves have been installed at different levels next to the wardrobe. 

Accessorise it with your favourite shoes and handbags. So effective but still reasonable. 

If you still have plenty of shoes left over (don't we all) these shoe cupboard from ikea are fantastic. These can also be purchased online for around £100. 

They are available in the Hemnes range in black or white.

I'm currently in love with these baskets from Etsy. Can be ordered here

Really stylish and practical. They don't break the bank either. They look amazing grouped up on shelves, stacked in cupboards or placed on top of cupboard and have lots of room in them. 

These are priced under £20

Stylish storage and kids...

It's sometimes hard to find stylish storage ideas for kids. This book holder would be prefect for my little boys room. Available on Etsy. Priced at £185 it is definitely an investment. If you're handy at DIY I'm sure some,thing similar could be made. 

This is just the right height for the kids to easily help themselves and displays a lot of books at once to remind them. 

I love the colour too. 

You can't do a post about storage without at least giving a mention to the Expedit range from Ikea!

I love this use of the shelving unit, what a great idea to add the lettering to the from of the boxes. 

These are just a few of the lovely storage ideas I've seen lately, but I'm always looking for inspiration.
Have you found any great storage uses lately?


Wednesday, 17 September 2014

French Connection Home A/W

Revamp your space this season with a plethora of modern homewares and accessories. French collection have launched a new homeware collection, keeping you up to date with the latest trends. There are some great industrial inspired elements that are also really versatile.

My favourite piece of all has to be this Bottle Chandelier. A perfect, unique accessory for the kitchen or dining room. At £140 it's priced fairly well for such a unique find. 

Opulent and striking, this chandelier will light up the darkest of corners. 

Available to view here.

Next up on my shopping list will be this gorgeous Trestle Desk. Its made from mango wood and is inspired by industrial work benches, it will bring a stripped back feel to any work space. 

Easily accessorised as its such a strong feature on its own.

Available to view here.

Anyone for a new rug? 

I can't get enough of rugs, they pull a room together and create "areas" in a room. This one doesn't disappoint. Gorgeous colours, gorgeous style and it manages to create an antique but quirky look to the room. 

Available to view here.

You can never have too many candle holders and this one ticks all the boxes. Great for creating centrepieces or using on a side table. Modern and minimalistic, this will suit a paired down aesthetic.

Available to view here.

Create a bold statement with this small tray coffee table. Looks great accessorised over a woven rug, 
It features a solid wood top and stark angular legs. 

Available to view here.

Image Credit: FrenchConnection.com


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Glamorous & Inspirational Ikea Hacks 2014

Here are some of my favourite Ikea Hacks I've come across lately. So inspiring, I'm definitely going to try a few modifications myself. Everyone has differing views on Ikea furniture but no-one can deny the practicality and versatility of their pieces. It's always good to be able to put your own stamp on things though.

Not just another Rast makeover...

This is one of the most original Rast makeovers I've seen. This can also be achieved really easily, providing you can find the right fixings. This can also easily be adapted to suit your tastes.

Two pairs of Rast drawers have had their knobs removed and be painted in a high gloss black lacquer. 
The fixings have then been added to create the unique look of the drawers.

Finished product shown on above image

This also looks stunning when painted in a high gloss white lacquer and crystal knobs are used, very girlie and glam.

More info can be found here

Fancy something that looks a little vintage?

Well it goes without saying that this is awesome! A really unique take on some ikea drawers using some industrial steel fixings.

Inspiration from Ikea Hackers

Glam, Glam, Glam...

Simple yet effective and so easily done. Take the grey Lack Ikea tables add some silver studs (can be easily purchased at various online stores) and add as shown in the image. Glue a square piece of mirror to the top of the table et voila!

Uber glamorous and very easily achieved

Is it Cocktail hour yet?

Ikea VITTSJO table turned chic cocktail ottoman. 

I adore this. The gold colour, the green fabric, whats not to love?

Full details of how to create this are here

How to Accessorise a Malm dresser?

Love the gold colour of the overlays on this dresser. Overlays can be purchased from MyOverlays.com

Really easy to apply and a great way to create a show stopping pair of drawers.

Image credit: www.bellemaison23.com

More ways to use overlays

Some more stunning examples of how the overlays can work. 

Anyone else for a spot of Ikea shopping? 

Image Credits: www.myoverlays.com 


Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Latest E-design


I've had the pleasure of creating a masculine, edgy mood board for a client. It was super fun from start to finish. 

There are a few industrial features, like this great lamp, that create interest in the room. The mirror is a real stand out piece that can create a focal point. 

I love, love, love the comfy, inviting studded sofa. The colour of the sofa adds a pop of colour to the scheme and stops it from being to samey. 

I love using room dividers behind sofas, chairs and tables to create areas and zones in a room. This one is ideal as it still lets through a lot of light so can be used pretty much anywhere as its not too imposing. 

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