Friday, 3 October 2014

Glamorous Storage Ideas

If you're anything like me, you hate clutter and love to find new ways to stylishly store your nick nacks.
Here are a few things I've come across lately that I love. 

Why hide away your lovely makeup, these glamorous acrylic storage cases add some style to your bedroom or bathroom and look good almost anywhere. 

I found some in TK Maxx recently but there are plenty online to choose from.

This one is stunning. I love the old candle jars up cycled as brush holders.

There are a few handmade ones on Etsy at the moment that are usually under £20 

Would you love your own dressing room?

I love the way this has been created, and so easy. Shelves have been installed at different levels next to the wardrobe. 

Accessorise it with your favourite shoes and handbags. So effective but still reasonable. 

If you still have plenty of shoes left over (don't we all) these shoe cupboard from ikea are fantastic. These can also be purchased online for around £100. 

They are available in the Hemnes range in black or white.

I'm currently in love with these baskets from Etsy. Can be ordered here

Really stylish and practical. They don't break the bank either. They look amazing grouped up on shelves, stacked in cupboards or placed on top of cupboard and have lots of room in them. 

These are priced under £20

Stylish storage and kids...

It's sometimes hard to find stylish storage ideas for kids. This book holder would be prefect for my little boys room. Available on Etsy. Priced at £185 it is definitely an investment. If you're handy at DIY I'm sure some,thing similar could be made. 

This is just the right height for the kids to easily help themselves and displays a lot of books at once to remind them. 

I love the colour too. 

You can't do a post about storage without at least giving a mention to the Expedit range from Ikea!

I love this use of the shelving unit, what a great idea to add the lettering to the from of the boxes. 

These are just a few of the lovely storage ideas I've seen lately, but I'm always looking for inspiration.
Have you found any great storage uses lately?

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