Monday, 6 July 2015

How To Decorate With Quotes

I still love using quotes around the home. So long as it's not overdone, it can still be a really easy way to update a room. They look particularly effective when used on a gallery wall. 

All of the quote pictures featured can be purchased from Etsy and some are downloadable so can be printed on your computer, making it super quick and easy to update your room. 

More issues than vogue: Etsy 

Make a statement with this picture, perfect for the fashionista 

Throw kindness around like confetti: Etsy 

I love this and love the sentiment. Perfect.

Image: Etsy 

Everybody loves a Chanel quote. This ones perfect for a bedroom or dressing room arrangement. 

Image: Etsy 

So many gorgeous quote pictures for a little ones nursery. Too many to choose from, a lot are printable too so can be added to a frame of your choice. 

Etsy have a wide variety to choose from, for every style. They make a gorgeous present too. 


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