Friday, 1 November 2013

How to create today's bedroom look

So I stumbled across this...


I love how this bedroom looks visually as a whole, even if I'm not really a fan off the bed setup. I still think it really works.

If you're lucky enough to have open brick walls, then this could easily work for you. If not then the tips on this feature can easily be adapted.

When I was searching for a gorgeous drop chandelier, I came across this...

This chandelier was from and I think it's so unique and versatile, it would work perfectly in any bedroom, it gives that gorgeous fairy tale look without being too "cutesy" 

To get he effect of bathe piece of furniture in the room, you could easily do it yourself using Annie Sloan chalk paint. This piece of furniture looks as though it's been painted and distressed using blue and cream paint and chalk paint is absolutely ideal for this. Even if to you are new to painting, especially painting furniture. Annie Sloans paint is ideal..

With a great variety of colours to choose from. To get the effect of the piece of furniture in the picture. I would us "Provence" and "cream" 

Here are a couple of items that have been painted and restored using Annie Sloan paint.


I have used this paint several times, I find it so easy and quick to use. I also do commission pieces from time to time. 

If you would like any more tips on anything I've featured today, please email me at


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